about us

GRECOstore sell agriculture equipments, garden and home items. It is situated in TAURIANOVA, province of Reggio Calabria, ITALY.
The firm, was established in 1964 by Salvatore GRECO; in 2010 becomes GRECOstore s.a.s. by Mesa Martín Ivethe, for continuing and renewing this well-recognized store.

Internet and our sale policy

First of all, we believe in the great opportunities of the web and in its meaning of "global market". We think that everything or...almost everything can be sold on the web.
To sell on the web, however, means provide to the visitors/customers clear and exhaustive information and particularly, try to keep a lower list price in comparison to the usual business off-line.

We think that shopping on line must not mean a simple or fast way to buy only, but it can mean a save on purchase: it is made possible through a "wise" choice of firms/manufacturers, items and some business "strategies" for inducing the visitor to buy in our e-store.

information for the customers As we wrote, each visitor/customer, before to realize his order, must be informed not only on the sale conditions but above all, on general features of items. For that reason, we invite any visitor to contact us without any obligation of purchase. Contacting us, he may receive any kind of information (technical data, instructions,etc.) or inquire for estimates/quotations or for receiving advises or suggests suitable to his personal needs.
The visitors with carefully could evaluate the items and could judge the availability and reliability of our firm.
NOVITAL : GRECO STORE is a NOVITAL wholesaler, the italian famous egg incubators manufacturer; in NOVITAL range there are grain mills, poultry equipments.
We invite the foreign customers to contact us for quotation of one or more NOVITAL items.